Will Youth Sports Connect to the Metaverse?


Youth sports are a significant part of the lives of kids in the U.S. However, parents, grandparents, and other family members can’t always be there in person. The GameChanger app offers a new way to watch every game. The app’s President Sameer Ahuja joined Game Changers host Katie Steinberg to talk about its impact.

Ahuja explained, “It connects parents and grandparents to the most important game of the week, the one their kid is playing.”

Being able to share in these experiences was one inspiration. Ahuja also noted that its intent was to support coaches as well. They can use it to score the game, tally statistics, and stream. “It’s like watching professional sports, but it’s your kid’s game!”

With all this data and video, the app creates post-game recaps that include all the stats. For students seeking a scholarship for sports, the app can craft highlight reels.

Because games are available on smartphones, Ahuja also believes it helps with participation. “Often when parents can’t attend, kids may be less engaged. Now everyone’s connected, and the app helps maintain participation.”

The easy-to-use app allows users to watch in just a few clicks. They even receive push notifications that a game has started. Ahuja described other features, “There’s a written recap that uses AI to write a story. You can look at stats from a season or career. Altogether, it tracks 150 stats. Users can message and communicate as well, building a community.”

This digital experience with a fan community is also important and has metaverse implications. “We’re moving in that direction. There are opportunities to memorialize highlights with your social group, which doesn’t have to be large.”

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