The New Crypto Frontier: How the UAE is Making Waves in the Global Cryptocurrency Scene

When we think of cryptocurrency, we often think of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, or maybe even the occasional obscure European tax haven. But it’s time to recalibrate those mental maps, because there’s a new player coming up strong and fast in the global crypto scene: The United Arab Emirates. Saqr Ereiqat, co-founder of Crypto Oasis, certainly thinks so, and he made this clear with an enthusiasm that was hard to ignore at the recent Dubai Fintech Summit.

Ereiqat waxed eloquent about the UAE’s three-fold advantage in this increasingly competitive space. First, he pointed to the robust regulatory infrastructure that the nation has crafted. It’s a framework that encourages innovation while ensuring transparency, a delicate balance that many countries struggle to achieve.

Then, he drew attention to the nation’s advanced digital infrastructure, a critical backbone for any serious player in the crypto industry. In an age where every millisecond can make a difference of millions of dollars, the UAE’s commitment to state-of-the-art digital technology offers a significant competitive edge.

And finally, he focused on the talent pool. An industry as dynamic and rapidly evolving as cryptocurrency requires a constant influx of fresh ideas and daring innovators. The UAE, with its strategic geographical location and attractive lifestyle, is well-positioned to draw such talent from across the globe.

In a bold comparison, Ereiqat contrasted the UAE’s regulatory environment with that of the U.S., characterizing the American landscape as a “maze” of red tape and bureaucratic hurdles, as opposed to the UAE’s “highway” of streamlined processes and business-friendly policies. It’s a statement that’s bound to raise eyebrows, but when you consider the impressive growth of the UAE’s crypto industry, it’s hard to dismiss outright.

The UAE is not just a regulatory haven for crypto businesses. Ereiqat emphasized the significant capital available in the region, a boon for startups and established businesses alike looking for funding. If money talks, then the UAE is speaking volumes.

And the world is listening. Current data shows over 1,800 Web3 organizations operating in the UAE, employing more than 8,000 individuals. That’s a lot of people betting big on the UAE’s crypto future, signaling a burgeoning interest and rapidly growing community in the region.

Even the big names in the industry are taking notice. The Dubai Fintech Summit’s array of crypto and Web3 leaders is a testament to the growing adoption of these technologies in the region. Even Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is singing the UAE’s praises, suggesting that the U.S. may be “a little bit behind” in terms of regulatory clarity.

As the crypto world continues to evolve and reshape our financial landscape, the UAE is positioning itself at the forefront of this revolution. It’s an exciting development, and one that could have far-reaching implications for the global crypto industry.


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