Starbucks' Historic First Store NFT Collection: A Revolutionary Blend of Coffee and Crypto


Coffee lovers and collectors, brace yourselves for Starbucks’ latest NFT drop, the First Store Collection. Up for grabs are 5,000 unique tokens, each priced at $100, and modeled after the original 1971 Starbucks storefront in downtown Seattle. This Wednesday at 3 pm ET, the coffee giant takes another bold step into the world of digital collectibles, inviting you to join in on this groundbreaking blend of coffee and crypto.

The First Store Collection marks Starbucks’ seventh NFT drop. Like its predecessors, these “journey stamps” will be minted on Polygon’s PoS sidechain and sold on the Gemini-owned Nifty Gateway. The journey stamps serve as a unique way for Starbucks to showcase its storied history, while allowing collectors and coffee enthusiasts alike to participate in the digital revolution.

But Starbucks isn’t stopping there; the company has plans to revolutionize the coffee experience through its unreleased Web3 rewards platform, Starbucks Odyssey. Starbucks Odyssey aims to integrate the existing rewards program and NFT drops, allowing users to earn points for ordering at Starbucks and redeem them for exclusive digital collectibles. The platform promises to create a seamless experience, combining the love for coffee with the excitement of the digital realm.

Although there’s no official timeline for the launch of Starbucks Odyssey, an email to Odyssey beta users hints, “We’re Getting Closer.” As anticipation builds, the potential impact of a Web3 rewards platform on Starbucks’ already massive customer base could be significant, further blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds.

Starbucks first ventured into the NFT marketplace in December with a free Holiday Cheer Edition 1 NFT for early users, featuring the iconic red and white Christmas coffee cup. Today, the highest active offer for one of those tokens is $901.

The coffeehouse giant continued its NFT journey with the premium Siren Collection in March 2023, with a base price of $100. As the name suggests, each of the 2,000 collectibles features a unique siren, a mythical creature known for luring sailors to their doom with hypnotizing songs. Today, acquiring one of these sought-after NFTs will set you back an average of $690.

As Starbucks’ First Store Collection prepares to make a splash in the NFT world, will you be part of this revolutionary blend of coffee and crypto? The possibilities are endless, and the future of coffeehouse experiences is brewing up a storm in the blockchain world.


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