Members of the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Blockchain Club were among the attendees at the renowned Consensus 2023 conference. The event, a hotspot for blockchain enthusiasts and industry leaders, was a thrilling experience for the club, providing insights into the latest trends and developments in the blockchain sector.

The SMU Blockchain Club arrived at the event on Wednesday and was immediately captivated by the depth and breadth of discussion around blockchain technologies. A specific interest of the club was blockchain finance, and the members eagerly explored the potential of digital payment transactions within the field.

One of the highlights of their conference experience was listening to speeches by prominent figures in the blockchain space. Club members were particularly inspired by the Prime Minister of the Bahamas and a leading woman in Ripple who spoke about global payments. This ignited their interest in exploring the concept of global payments further.

The president of the SMU Blockchain Club praised the event’s energy and the depth of knowledge on display. The presence of real companies demonstrating real use cases for blockchain technology impressed him, setting the conference apart from others. He lauded the organizers for creating an event that provided genuine insights into the state of the blockchain industry, rather than unsubstantiated hype often seen at other conventions.

The club members also expressed excitement at seeing big-name companies like FDX at the conference, showing the growth and adoption of blockchain technology in mainstream industries.

The attendance of the SMU Blockchain Club at Consensus 2023 underscores the burgeoning interest in blockchain among younger generations. Their enthusiasm for the technology and its potential applications, particularly in finance, is an encouraging sign for the future of blockchain. The experience at Consensus 2023 is likely to further fuel the club’s passion for blockchain as they return to SMU, eager to apply their learnings.


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