Mindful Leadership

The "Mindful Leadership" series is Mainstay's take on Thought Leadership throughout the market. Here, we will publish industry experts and enthusiasts on their thoughts on guided questions regarding blockchain & Web3. Is there something specific you'd like for our experts to address? Please use the comment box below to tailor our content to your interests in the space.


The Growing Opportunity of Non-Fungible Tokens

Mainstay’s Mindful Leadership contributor, Jacob Berman, discusses strategy around NFT’s for brands. As the technology of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continues to grow, big brands are looking for ways to successfully enter the space. NFT adoption has seen explosive growth since 2021, with around 30 million wallets trading NFTs in 2021 rising to an estimated 50 […]

Mindful Leadership : Writing and Publishing Work in Web3

CEO of Gruve, Alec Jendal, gives perspective on how he sees Web3 changing the dynamic of how people write and publish their work.

NFT Use-Cases In the Music Industry

Founder of Rising Tide, Jacob Berman, provides a look into some of the various use-cases for NFTs in the music industry.

What should brands consider when transitioning from WEB2 to WEB3?

Jacob Berman, Founder of Rising Tide offers perspective on the areas that brands should consider focusing on when transitioning from Web2 to Web3.

What should entities and individuals focus on during a bear market?

Trey Tijerina, Co-Founder of ChainTrends, lends his thoughts on what entities should focus on during the crypto bear market.

Get Rewarded! A Practical Use for the Blockchain

In this mindful leadership episode, contributor Jacob Hall, CEO of Agingo, provides his thoughts regarding the implementation of the blockchain to track employee rewards

How is Bitpay working with enterprise clients to accept crypto payments?

Schuyler Montefalco, Enterprise Account Director of Bitpay discusses how Bitpay is working with enterprise clients to usher in a decentralized economy.

STEMuli: Increasing Educational Engagement via the Metaverse

Taylor Shead, CEO of STEMuli, shares thought leadership on the ways her company is helping educators make the most effective impact on students utilizing the metaverse.

Recent Regulations Changing the Industry

Contributor, Alex Mitchell, shares his thoughts regarding the recent cryptocurrency regulations making their way through the market and what that means for the future.

Predictions for 2022: Bridging the Gap with Crypto

Contributor, Alex Mitchell, sheds light on his predictions for 2022. Could Bitcoin be stealing marketshare from banks and legacy financial institutions?

Giving Companies an Edge with Crypto & Blockchain

Contributor, Alex Mitchell, discusses Shift Markets and the potential that the blockchain and their company provides for their customers to achieve a faster and more efficient way of doing business.

Mindful Leadership: How do you anticipate smart contracts could be used to help facilitate better due diligence when it comes to M&A?

Our guest contributor, Scott Roudebush, joins us to discuss how smart contracts could be used to help facilitate better due diligence as it relates to M&A.

Mindful Leadership: What is a tactic that radio stations might use to incorporate the blockchain in the future?

Our contributor, Tyler Kern, explores the way the radio industry may utilize the blockchain to help track and monetize it’s regular listeners.

Mindful Leadership: How do you think work will be transformed in the metaverse?

Our contributor, Tyler Kern, explores the way work may transform in the future as we make a shift into the metaverse.

Mindful Leadership: Discussion regarding the concept around the tokenization of “street-wear fashion”

Our contributor, Daniel Litwin, explores the potential impact and his theories regarding the tokenization of streetwear.

Mindful Leadership: How could smart contracts be leveraged in the procurement space to hold vendors accountable to SLA’s?

Our management consultant contributor, Nick Nagy, lets us in on the benefits of utilizing smart contracts to manage vendor governance SLA’s and what that could mean regarding efficiencies for leaders moving forward on this episode of Mindful Leadership.

Mindful Leadership: How is blockchain revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry?

Daniel breaks down his views on the changes B2B companies will be required to make to utilize the blockchain as it relates to cybersecurity on this episode of Mindful Leadership.

Mindful Leadership: How could utilizing the blockchain help the United States Small Business Administration?

Tyler breaks down his thoughts regarding how the SBA could revolutionize the way that loan applicants receive monetary support from the government in this episode of Mindful Leadership.