Mainstay Minute

The Mainstay Minute is a short-form video series that takes you on a roughly 60 second ride into The Blockchain and Web3. Here we will discuss trending tweets and takes in video format to keep you up to date on the latest and greatest in the space.


Mainstay Minute: Blockchain to Potentially Untangle the Supply Chain Knot

Supply chains have experienced one of the most challenging years in an effort to scale up to consumer demand. Perhaps the blockchain will provide the grease to this squeaky wheel in the next iteration of process improvements implemented on a global scale.

Mainstay Minute: Payment Processing Ripe for Disruption

With PPI increasing 1% in the latest issue of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, businesses are seeking ways to maintain margin while not having to pass on additional costs to their customer base. With Solana Pay, fees equate to a fraction of a penny and payment from customer to merchant occurs in seconds – a […]

Mainstay Minute: Intel Engaging in the Business of Proof of Work

In an effort to compete with emerging competitors, Intel has released a “2nd Gen Mining Chip” with the specific objective to make mining Bitcoin faster and more energy efficient.

Mainstay Minute – Russia warming up to Bitcoin?

With the emergence of cryptocurrencies making their way into legacy financial systems, governments are being forced to make a decision. To ban or not to ban? Just three weeks ago, Russia announced a ban on all cryptocurrencies. Today we discuss Russia’s intent to draft legislation around the approval of cryptocurrencies as a recognizable and acceptable […]

Mainstay Minute: NFTs in the NFL

Rebounding from a viewership slump in previous years, the NFL appears to be making a resurgence back into the living rooms of their fans. In the 2021/22 season, they are up 9% from last year. Was their involvement with Crypto Ads and NFT’s this season a contributing factor for the 4th quarter comeback? Here, we […]