Business on the Block

Business on the Block is a series in a news format that takes you into the business of blockchain. Here we discuss the ever-changing landscape of the tech and how companies are utilizing it to increase their hold or emerge anew in the market. Subscribe to Mainstay for the latest stories and takes.


CleanSpark Bitcoin Mining’s Sustainable Energy Alternative

Eleni Stylianou, Communications Manager for CleanSpark, shares CleanSpark’s mission to utilize alternative energy sources to mine for Bitcoin.

Distributed Ledger Providing more than Mining Solutions for Blockchain Businesses

Jim Andersen and Nick Neuhart shed light on the abilities that Distributed Ledger can provide for their enterprise clients. Find more about Distributed Ledger at

Marathon Provides Indirect Exposure for Institutions to Bitcoin

VP of Corporate Communications for Marathon Digital Holdings, Charlie Schumacher, provides a view into the ways that institutions are able to gain indirect exposure to Bitcoin through legacy markets.   Marathon Digital Holdings Company Contact: Telephone: 800-804-1690 Email:

Business on the Block: NFTs in Fashion

In this episode, we discuss what is emerging in the fashion industry as it relates to Web3 and the Blockchain. NFT wearables are trending. Top brands are entering the Metaverse. Chart-topping NFT’s are gaining cyber-fashion partnerships. Potential consumers are trying on their favorite haute-couture in the comfort of their own homes armed with a smartphone. […]