The future of B2B is decentralized.

The future of B2B is decentralized. Companies now have the power to build their own channels--media channels, ecommerce channels, social channels, learning channels--and take back their customer relationship. But many B2B companies still operate on a Web 1.0 framework: outdated websites, minimal ecommerce, and a missed opportunity to leverage technology and automation to help connect with customers and grow their businesses. Mainstay Digital is the B2B web solution to help elevate your website, and every important channel you have, to the strongest market position in your industry. For B2B marketers, by B2B marketers.

Web design
and development.

The future of the web is decentralized. From blockchain to decentralized finance, B2B companies can deploy new technologies to improve their service delivery, enhance their security, and increase efficiency.

Software as a service (SaaS)
design and development.

Buy or build? We help B2B companies build the software solutions they need to digitally transform their customer experience and optimize their Operation.

Blockchain Targeted Media.

Historically, brand leaders have only had a few choices such as advertising, direct sales or expensive PR in scaling their media production and growing their businesses. Now, Blockchain Targeted Media puts the power of owned media, public relations, and content marketing in the palm of your hand.