Real estate ownership is a dream many people share, and for good reason. It is a tangible asset for which the fundamentals of supply and demand drive value upwards in the long term, even in the face of global uncertainties and inflation.

Unfortunately, only the rich few currently have access to real estate investments. Why? Because real estate investments require a ton of capital and private equity firms typically don’t want to waste time with anyone contributing less than $100k or more. Furthermore, even those who can afford the high contribution minimum are subject to tying up a large sum of capital in one investment with almost no option for liquidity.

Fortunately, that ends with the introduction of OwnProp – a mobile app that allows accredited investors to invest in lucrative commercial deals with no minimum investment requirements. The ownership interests are forged onto Ethereum-based tokens, driving transparency, eliminating typical fees associated with transactions, and providing liquidity to owners by enabling them to trade tokens with others.

Not accredited? Not to worry. At the time of this writing, OwnProp is offering a referral bonus of $100 to anyone who refers an accredited individual onto the app. Create an account here to participate.

If you’re hearing about this for the first time, here’s everything you need to know about fractional real estate ownership and OwnProp.


What is fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership is a co-ownership arrangement where participants share the costs and benefits of a given asset, depending on each partner’s share of ownership. For instance, co-owners share the property’s usage rights, income, priority access, and reduced rates.

The ownership model often applies to high-end vacation condos and second homes. However, it’s quickly spreading to other property types, such as high-end hotels and restaurants.


How does fractional real estate ownership work?

Fractional ownership is a straightforward arrangement. Members agree to share the costs (including upkeep costs, repairs, and property management fees) and benefits (including personal use, equity, and profits (from rent or future sale)) of the given property.

However, the specific terms of the agreements vary from one to the next. In most cases, the joint owners retain a property management company tasked with maintaining the property, including collecting rent (where applicable) and managing timesharing among part owners.

However, shareholders can lend their usage rights to family and friends within the terms of the agreement. Additionally, you can choose to rent out the property to other co-owners.


The challenges

Unfortunately, investors encounter multiple hurdles in accessing real estate investment opportunities, including fractional ownership.

For one, there’s currently no standard or recognized platform where interested individuals can find and browse properties available for fractional ownership. Moreover, real estate investments in the current environment require massive capital outlays that many budding investors lack.

OwnProp is a blockchain-based startup that seeks to democratize access to fractional ownership opportunities. Thereby, giving everyone an equal chance to buy and sell real estate property. In short, you can get in on real estate investments by investing in a “piece” of a property rather than needing to finance the entire property.


What does OwnProp do?

OwnProp banks on blockchain technology to break up ownership into millions of units. Thus, everyone can afford to purchase at least a few units in the most lucrative real estate properties. Here’s how it works;

  1. A property owner opens an OwnProp account and puts up their real estate on sale.
  2. OwnProp issues Ethereum tokens equivalent to the value of the listed property.
  3. The property is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.
  4. Interested parties sign up to OwnProp using their phone numbers and get approval to browse and purchase properties.
  5. Approved individuals, if interested, proceed to identify and purchase fractional ownership in the properties they like.
  6. OwnProp transfers Ethereum tokens equivalent to the buyer’s share into the buyer’s digital wallet.
  7. Now, the buyer owns a share of the property and can buy more shares or sell their shares whenever they wish.


Why choose OwnProp?

OwnProp is the perfect investment partner for blockchain-backed fractional real estate investment for many reasons;

  • It’s tailored for everyday users (they avoid jargon)
  • Choose from a wide range of investments
  • No minimum investment
  • Virtually no transaction costs
  • High liquidity

Real estate is the greatest wealth creator in human history. Now you can have a piece of the cake for as little as $1,000 through OwnProp. Get the App today to begin the journey.


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