Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management

The Provenance Chain Network (PCN), spearheaded by founder and CEO Jeff Gaus, is redefining supply chain transparency. By effectively digitizing “people, places, processes, and products” within supply chains, PCN offers unprecedented insights into product origins, manufacturing, and distribution processes.

Technological Advancements in Trust and Transparency

PCN’s innovative Commercial Trust™ Protocol (CTP) and the Provenomics® framework have set new standards in securing and verifying supply chain data. These systems not only enhance trust and credibility but also provide comprehensive visibility across supply chains through the RICE system (Requirements, Incentives, Claims, and Evidence).

SBIR Phase III Award

In a significant development, PCN has been awarded the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase III contract from the Space Systems Command for the United States Space Force. This award is a culmination of PCN’s successful ventures, including the AFWERX Space Challenge win, Phase I and II SBIR awards, and a TACFI supplemental funding award. These recognitions underscore PCN’s expertise in adapting their supply chain transparency platform to optimize flight critical hardware reviews for National Security Space Launch (NSSL) Vehicles.

PCN’s Contribution to National Security and Space Missions

Under the SBIR Phase III contract, PCN’s role extends beyond traditional supply chain management. Their platform is integral to the NSSL Quality Engineering mission, ensuring each critical component of launch vehicles undergoes meticulous inspection and approval. The adoption of PCN’s software marks a significant improvement in the process, offering digital consolidation of crucial data, which was previously disassociated, as highlighted by Maj. Juan D. Mayssonet, the USSF government lead for this effort.

Operational Deployment and Future Goals

The SBIR Phase III contract enables PCN to accelerate the commercialization of their platform, significantly expanding its integration across various launch-services providers and their supply chains. This collaboration aims to enhance the throughput of the flight critical hardware review process, accommodating the increasing launch tempo of NSSL without compromising the quality or integrity of the Flight Hardware Certification process.

PCN’s Comprehensive Approach

  • Digital Supply Chain: Digitization of critical supply chain components to create digital assets.
  • Transactional Framework: A standard framework for network participants to share key data via commercial transactions.
  • Permissioned Blockchain: Utilizes Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for secure, immutable data storage.

The Provenance Chain Network is not only redefining supply chain transparency and  management with their innovative solutions but also playing a crucial role in national security through their collaboration with the United States Space Force. Their advancement to the SBIR Phase III award demonstrates their capability to handle complex, high-stakes supply chain challenges, solidifying their position as a leader in global supply chain innovation.


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