NFT Today has emerged as a leader in the rapidly evolving world of Web 3.0, crypto, digital assets, security token offerings, and NFT-related cryptocurrencies. Co-founded by Brian Esposito and Jacob Zohar teamed up with with Gavin Pearson and Eric Mitchell, the company has developed an incredible team and has launched a news desk that generates excellent material from journalists around the globe. In addition, they have also created a print and digital publication that provides a voice to the great projects and visionaries in the field, giving them the visibility they deserve.

Esposito, who has been involved in this space since its inception, is passionate about supporting real and legitimate projects that offer value and utility to their users. He believes that there have been too many blown-up projects in the past that have generated a tremendous amount of income without any real strategy or play behind them. With NFT Today, Esposito and his team aim to vet these projects through their system, giving leaders the visibility they need to get their voice out there and allowing people to support them and be part of something that’s real and legitimate.

NFT Today is not just a news desk or a publication; it’s a community of people who are interested in knowing what the best and breed projects are out there and which companies they should get behind. Esposito’s team wants to find out what the future of tomorrow holds through NFT Today, and they are committed to providing excellent journalism and editorial standards to make sure that readers are informed and educated about the latest trends and developments in the field.

As co-founder of NFT Today, Brian Esposito is committed to making a real impact in the world of Web 3.0, crypto, and NFT-related cryptocurrencies. With his extensive experience in the field and his passion for supporting real and legitimate projects, he is well-positioned to lead the company to success and help shape the future of the industry.



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