Today, leading creators and innovators of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Web3 projects are revolutionizing the way they market their ideas. With a new approach to both endemic web3 audiences as well as traditional web2 audiences, marketing strategies have been tailored to cater to an array of people.

Creators of these projects have found success by focusing on two distinct buckets of people – the tech savvy early adopters of the NFT space and those unable or unfamiliar with traditional digital wallets. With no playbook for success in this area, numerous creative tactics have been used including press, IRL events, influencer marketing, social media campaigns, and more. Furthermore, it is recommended that partnering with successful creators or brands in the NFT space can lend additional credibility to any project. An example being artist Grif (@Grif), whose artwork has been seen in numerous projects over the past few years.

“The opportunities to reach your audience are endless when it comes to marketing any Web3 or NFT Project” said Jacob Berman. “However it’s important to keep your audience at the forefront when crafting content”

As we move into an era where NFTs are becoming increasingly popularized there is no limit for what kind of imaginative tactics creators can use for reaching their target markets.


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