In a world where internet access is taken for granted, it’s hard to imagine how someone can adopt Bitcoin without it. Enter Machankura, the text-based tool that’s taking Africa by storm. The tool allows users to use Bitcoin with nothing but a feature phone, making it accessible to those without internet access.

Machankura has grown its user base by 10x in less than a year, with nearly 3,000 Africans adopting Bitcoin through the tool. Mobile phone users across a range of African countries can access the app by dialing a specific code, making it easy for anyone to use.

But Machankura isn’t just about sending or receiving Bitcoin. It’s about empowering people who would otherwise be left behind. With Machankura, users can barter Bitcoin for goods and services on Bitrefill, a service that was previously unavailable to them.

Ngako, the developer behind Machankura, chose a UX solution called The Lightning Address to enable phone users to easily identify lightning addresses for both sending and receiving satoshis. By simplifying the process, Ngako has made it easier for people to adopt Bitcoin and take advantage of its benefits.

There are now 2,900 people using Machankura across eight African countries, with the user base growing every day. As Bitcoin adoption grows, tools like Machankura could expand to serve an estimated 2.9 billion people on Earth who still lack internet access.


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