Deloitte and Vatom


Deloitte, one of the Big Four accounting firms, is making waves by diving headfirst into immersive experiences and Web3 solutions to revolutionize various corporate sectors.

The entertainment, gaming, and fashion industries have long embraced immersive experiences, but Deloitte’s recent partnership with virtual spaces company Vatom demonstrates their potential to address diverse corporate needs, from simulating manufacturing operations to training managers for sensitive conversations.

The partnership aims to offer immersive experiences for industries seeking cultural boosts through virtual reality and brands focused on community engagement. The companies boast the ability to host thousands of users simultaneously in a single virtual space, complete with a cross-chain wallet and access to digital assets and tokens.

But there’s more than meets the eye. Deloitte’s hidden goal is to provide companies with valuable data about users. Decreased third-party data accessibility is a key trend impacting all industries, says Khusro Khalid, managing director at Deloitte Digital. Firms need new ways to connect with customers and cut acquisition costs.

Enter Deloitte’s Web3 tools, enabling companies to leverage virtual spaces, Programmable Digital Objects, cross-chain wallets, POS redemption, token gating, and loyalty points for diverse business applications.

Deloitte envisions an array of metaverse tools for companies. Virtual spaces provide engaging and interactive employee training, while digital twins revolutionize real estate, offering immersive property tours from the comfort of one’s home. These virtual spaces deliver direct engagement channels and valuable first- and zero-party data to inform future strategies.

Investments in virtual reality experiences are skyrocketing, with the global immersive technology market valued at $21.6 billion in 2021, projected to hit $134.18 billion by 2030. Tech giants like Nvidia, Qualcomm, Google, Meta, and Microsoft have disclosed metaverse initiatives, joining decentralized platforms like Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity.

According to Vatom CEO Eric Pulier, the metaverse is the internet of tomorrow, and no businesses will escape its transformative power. Web3 represents the next iteration of the internet, poised to reshape every industry’s engagement with their target audiences.


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