About Mainstay

Mainstay Digital is a Blockchain and Web3 native company that focuses on demystifying blockchain capabilities for Enterprises looking to modernize their efforts. Mainstay aims to assist mid-market corporations in understanding these emerging solutions via e-learning, reporting on developing technologies, providing insights from market leaders and providing professional service implementations


For Mainstay, our objective is to crowdsource as much knowledge as possible to become a hub for what we call "Mindful Leadership" in the market. Industry experts will weigh in on emerging technologies or explain how legacy processes can best be modified to provide leading solutions in the modern age.


Breaking news and articles centered around the blockchain and Web3 applied to business use cases. These segments aim to get the user thinking about what is happening in the space and how that may be applied toward their current objectives.


Informational pieces on blockchain native tech being used today in a manner that educates and empowers business leaders to take charge of utilizing the tech to it's fullest potential.

Professional Services.

Mainstay Digital provides solutions that enable enterprises to operate at the highest level. Through methodical approaches that incorporate the latest in best practices and innovative procedures, we will guide you through the process of modernizing your presence online. This, in turn, will allow you to compete in today’s market of gaining a tailored audience through a focused and proven approach.

About Kelly Massad

Kelly has spent the last 9 years of his professional career as a management consultant and the past 7 years specifically with KPMG within their advisory practice. Over that time, he worked with several Fortune 500 clients to fully develop their back offices for F&A, HR and IT. Additionally, he spent time leading transformation and modernization efforts for systems implementations with ServiceNow, Workday, Oracle and other enterprise solutions.

He has been actively involved in the blockchain community since 2016, following and studying emerging technologies. His passion lies in the decentralization of future enterprise solutions to bolster the progress that has been made in the space.

As a career learner, he wanted to provide a space for market leaders to engage in a community of like-minded learners to lead the cutting edge of enterprise solutions and implement what could be the next piece of the puzzle to bolster growth, increase revenue and pave the path to innovation.